Things do no Change Themeselves.

We Change Them.

Yissum Strategies has been advising leading international and Israeli companies on best practices for selecting and implementing winning strategies since 1987.
At Yissum, we have the knowledge, the experience and the know-how to help enterprises from various industries and services create breakthrough solutions that lead to commercial success.
Together we develop strategies that enhance the diverse aspects of your business, from customer service and sales, to vision and innovation. With Yissum, you learn to recognize –and create– unique opportunities: As we all know, things do not change themselves; we change them! Yissum’s expertise can provide the leverage and momentum you need to transform your initiative into a thriving business.
Life experience teaches us that things do not change by themselves. We have the power to motivate companies to make significant business moves.

We invite you to join the list of companies that have chosen an application.
Together, we will make the change.

Yissum Strategies – Our perception of work

At Yissum, we measure our achievements by our customers’ success. The trusting relationship we forge with our customers enables us to accompany them every step of the way, from needs analysis and goal formulation, through the identification of the appropriate strategies and their practical implementation. This joint collaboration, combined with the methodologies developed exclusively by Yissum Strategies, guarantees our ability to discover creative solutions to complex challenges, in any business sector.
We invite you to join the many companies that have benefitted from working with Yissum Strategies. Together we can create the change you desire.
At Yissum Strategies, our goal is to help organizations take the lead in today’s dynamic and competitive market.

Our Services

Business strategy
And business development

Marketing and competitive strategy

Multi-channel strategy

Customer management and loyalty programs

Data and analytics

Sales, service and retention

Project management and leadership

Yissum Tech


Beyond professional knowledge and experience, To Yissum a deep familiarity with many industries in Israel and abroad. This knowledge is relevant not only to the industries of the companies we work with, but also to other industries. For example, our knowledge of the communications industry has led us to breakthrough insights in the field of credit cards, as well as from the field of health to the field of insurance and even from the field of tourism to direct insurance.


It is said that someone who loves his job does not feel that he is working even a day in his life.
We – in Yissum, love the work, the challenges, the creative thinking, the diverse professional experience and the work with leading Israeli and international companies. All of these make the application of a company fun to work with and with.
If you have the right skills, and you want to be a partner in leading the leading companies in the business for business excellence,
Your place with us!

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